Jason Pischke


Last day of wakeboarding up north...

So it begins!


It's been a solid season where I have successfully forgot to bring my camera with me 13 of the 15 times I have gone out wakeboarding >.< That aside I did remember to bring it on this last and final chilly September afternoon.


With water temperatures beginning to plunge and air temps dropping into the low 70's this was one last *and cold* ditch effort to hit the wakes.  Cold water and even colder air kept us from going big and well... kinda stopped us from pulling any tricks. But good times where still had by all and first up was the little bro!

He has progressed so much this year that it is incredible!  Last year we got him up not even 3 times all year and then this year you could see the fire in his eyes... can't wait to see what he will throw down next year.

Next up was your's truly, but I was far from my A game today and conditions where not in anyone's favor with choppy water, winds strong enough to even throw the tow boat around, and just general really figgen cold air!!!  But I threw a few little wake to wakes down for fun then called it a day.  Hopefully I will be heading down to Orlando to hit up OWC later this fall where the older bro can  show me the ropes.

All in all it was a great little day with plenty of chilling and just hanging out.  After we finished up and pulled the ropes in we decided it was time for a cookout!  And because we are cheap hot dogs and chips where in order ;)


Can't wait for next season... but first I am so incredibly stoked for snowboarding that I just want winter to get here!!

Before I go here are some more photo's from the day for you to enjoy, cheers :D