Jason Pischke


Northern Lights or Bust?

Well although the chance to see the Northern Lights from home sweet home in PA was a bust not all from that night was a loss.  

Waking up Saturday morning I like every other adolescent lipped on my computer and went almost immediately to Facebook.  Second story down was an article from Accuweather explaining that a solar flair occurred at 2 a.m. last night and this means that at approximately 8 p.m. tonight there will be a chance for Western PA to see Northern Lights.  Since I first got into photography I have wanted the chance to shoot the Northern Lights (I think that's every photographers dream) and here it was... I didn't even have to leave the state, how cool!!! 

Being a total nerd I flew over to the google and read just about every article I could find detailing how to properly shoot the northern lights.  I charged my camera, cleaned my lens's, and started thinking of a good location to shoot it without too much light pollution. I remembered an old location some friends and myself went for bonfires just outside of Indiana and decided that was a prime spot!!

I swung by my lady friends apartment just as she was getting off work and picked her up.  She had no idea where we where going or what was happening.  Me being the hopeless romantic I am though this fine night would be perfect for a weenie roast!!  I hid some weenies, buns, a fire starter, blanket, and some matches in with my camera gear so it would be a surprise and within minutes of arriving this little eagle scout made that fine little fire you see above. 

Enjoying a nice fire roasted dog we waited for the Northern Lights... and waited... and waited. Eventually we decided this was one of those "too good to be true" moments and around 11 p.m. called it a night.  

Now we get to the "not all a loss" part of this story.  Northern Lights or not it was a beautiful night with a beautiful lady!  We had a blast, cooked up some weenies, and I got a few shots of the night sky!

So my quest for fulfilling my dream of shooting the Northern Lights continues, looks like someone will be heading North in the future after all!